Ag health 和 safety

Ag health 和 safety

Paving the way for a safer future

As a core value of 和记h188怡情, we put the safety 和 well-being of people, customers 和 communities first every day. As part of that effort, we provide funding for ag health 和 safety initiatives that provide training, 设备, 和 industry expertise to help keep farm families 和 rural communities safe. We’ve worked with industry partners like Progressive AgAgriSafe to help more than 33,000 youth learn ag safety lesson 和 assisted more than 450 communities with safety 设备 和 training.

Check out the criteria below to learn if your organization is a fit for funding.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Ag safety 和 health initiatives that have a national approach or reach multiple states in the 和记h188怡情 geography will be considered.

Ag health 和 safety projects at the local level will only be accepted through the 和记h188怡情 Seeds for Stewardship cooperative matching grants program.

和记h188怡情 Community Giving will consider ag health 和 safety projects that:
  • Educate youth or farmer audiences about the dangers associated with working in agriculture.
  • Provide safety training to rural firefighters, farmers, ranchers or agribusiness professionals.
  • Develop safety guidelines for use on farms or agribusinesses.
  • Support the health 和 well being of farmers 和 ranchers.

Apply for national or state ag safety program funding


和记h188怡情 partners with AgriSafe to support rural health initiatives

和记h188怡情 Community Giving recently awarded $105,000 to AgriSafe to support mental health training, safety training for young producers 和 continuing education for rural nurses. 阅读更多

Danger within: Know the risks of grain bin entry

的 interior of a grain bin is one of the most hazardous places on a farm, so the best way to resolve situations with stored grain is safely outside. 阅读更多

Looking for local safety program funding?

和记h188怡情 Seeds for Stewardship program matches cooperative contributions for projects in local communities that improve health 和 safety or develop future ag leaders.